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Java technology is used already for 15 years and appears, although having some weaknesses, an indispensable solution. The presence of a virtual machine assure for end-user the code execution, and the developer generally doesn't have to deal with compartibility questions. Java solutions are applicable for the whole range of wide-spread platforms and operating systems such as Linux, Windows, MacOS etc.

Among the reasons to use Java we can also mention perfect possibilities for comprehensive software testing, suitability for mobile devices development, including small and simple digital devices without powerful processor, as well as for creating web-applications for complicated data harvesting, storage and processing.

One of the most important Java applications is game development for cell phones and mobile devices. We offer a team of high-professional and experienced Java games developers. Technical implementation can include a whole spectrum of Java services - Java app servers, the J2EE framework, Java messaging services and JDBC.

If you need a market-ready application with high gain, you can rely on EcmaSoft.

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