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Android Development

Android is a new mobile platform by Google. Developer describes it as "first complete, open and free platform".
Android is really innovative, and, generally, it makes developers free to design wide range of applications - small and complicated, network-oriented and local, business or end-user oriented.

Android possibilities

EcmaSoft offers variable development services for Android framework. We are experienced not only creating new software, but porting on various mobile devices too. If you have any unsolved software case or difficult application needs - our Android team is eager to work with you.

Now it's easy to hire Android team - work with EcmaSoft!

Key features

Android promises unprecedented freedom for mobile platform software engineers. Not only because of it's own interfaces, but mostly due to the variety of custom programmer solutions.

Apps unlimited now. Apps on Android can access core mobile device functionality through standard APIs. Through intents, apps can announce their capabilities for other apps to use.

Embedding the web became easy. Apps can easily embed HTML, Javascript, and style sheets. An app can render web content. That's why web features are often used in Android outsourcing development. No more "untouchable" components. Any app on the mobile device can be replaced or extended - even core components such as the dialer or home. Our Android outsource specialists will adjust it for your needs. Multitasking on full scale. Android is a complete multitasking environment where apps can run in parallel. Android programmer may use it on full scale. While running in the background, an app can produce notifications to get attention.

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