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Mar 13, 2013

Google Android Review

As the sales of the new OS for mobile phones have amazingly increased all around the world, it's high time to make a brief review of Google Android.
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So, what is so special about this new mobile platform?
Eric Schmidt Google CEO says "We can earn much more money on investing in developing of our new mobile technology". His words can be proved by the statistics. The experts foresee that by the year of 2011 the mobile phones market will be dealing with great sums of money - of about ˆ5, 5 billions. The mobile devices are becoming more and more widely used. It is obvious that internet technologies will be updating, particularly web-browsers and e-mail clients will be elaborating.
Thereby, by developing their own OS, Google invested in the vehicular communication future that seems unclouded despite the crisis.

Nowadays, industries reduce their desktop and laptop production and increase cellphone production as cellphones are much more convenient to use.
The modern cellphones provide users with greater comfort, comparable with the PC’s.
But with hardware development, the Android apps development  becomes crucial. Software should be effective and use the cellphone’s resources properly. For that reason new Google Android was developed.

What is the main purpose of Android developers?
It is creating a full-fledged OS with integrated software ready to be installed on different types of cellphones.
All the Google services are included in the new OS, doubtless, it will make Google more popular.
Android is configured on the Linux kernel; it allows developers to write code in Java language. Since 21 Oct 2008, Android has been available as open source. Any developer able to write an application can also modify the platform. To help the Android development Android Software Development Kit (SDK) was created.
The Android touchscreen-driven interface is called VIEW.

What is good about android?
1). Equality of the applications. There's no difference for Android between the built-in applications and the newly installed ones.
2). SDK has all that you may need for developing or starting new application.
3). Android allows combining the information from the internet with mobile phone data (e.g. contacts).

The interface is intuitive and usable on Android. You can use your thumb on the touchscreen to move the panel left or right for more choices and then tap an application's icon to choose it.
Android has three working screens. The first is like a desktop with different widgets and labels. The second is with Google Search. And a third one is empty. You should tap the grey button to go to the menu.
The standard applications of Android are: Gmail (allows you to send and receive e-mails), Google Maps (can be used for defining your location), Android Market (the application downloading service – allows you to buy supported games and programs), Music (sorted by albums, groups, songs, and playlists, Amazon MP3 store is integrated, allowing Android phones users to buy digital music on-line), Video Player, and some others.
Google says that OS will have a browser having all the functions that a desktop computer’s browser handles.

Google says that very soon Android will be much more popular. Mainly because of its SDK.

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