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Jan 14, 2013

Icon new applications template

Once people started new IPad apps there was a need to upgrade the aging smart object which is the basis for the template. They want the new dimensions of the retina. And now 2.0 is the new version is better than expected. Now it even has its own small site.
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A small portal was made to make it easy to share with colleagues. For an audience that is not familiar to my original pattern it looks like this: export easily integrated action, fast compilation of all sizes by editing the Smart Object, encompassing the vector textures, the layout should appear as an icon on the main screen and in store.

If there are still some issues I suggest reading the article that goes to support the template application. It explains everything in great detail. Or you can use the portal - where you can watch a short overview of the "Order" and «FAQ».

The new design of the product is much more elegant. Now, it is easier to work with it, easier to understand.

Like the old pattern, he warns all who want to automate the whole process. Also, this resource provides a quick and easy way to make the concept of different sizes to find a "pixel perfect" - convenient for them.

In addition, there are some things that go by - "behind the scenes". This is an opportunity not a bad idea for the individual project: Mask sharpening smaller. This makes the middle icon clearer. It can also solve other related problems. Simply costs include all Smart Filters for icons that are affected.

Perhaps it would also be interesting to create some group shots of icons for IPad applications that are made specifically for the template.

So, think with and get updated template icon. We hope through this your life will become much easier.

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