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Mar 13, 2013

Iphone for reading e-books

Apple announced a new software platform — iPhone OS 3.0. The mobile operating system is used in iPhone and iPod Touch. 30 millions of these devices were sold in 2008.
The last year SDK was downloaded more than 800 thousand times, for today about 50 thousand professional programmers work on program development. More than 1000 new API-functions were added into iPhone OS. The possibility of developing programs for reading electronic books and magazines has appeared.
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Moreover, Apple hasn't succumbed to temptation of correlation the profit split: the sales return will be divided as before. 70 percents go to the developer, and 30 percents go to Apple. With the iPhone OS 3.0 release users get new possibilities.

Now iPhone holds the peer-to-peer function that means that devices will be able to exchange data via Bluetooth-connection. Notably this function will be active right at the moment of connection. In particular, iPhone users will be able to team up and play network game. By the way, iPhone OS 3.0 has the options of text highlighting and copy-pasting. It took a lot of time to implement this function on the touch-sensitive display. It is the first device with built-in function of copy-pasting data from clipboard. Nowadays copy-pasting is available in all applications. The copy- pasting of HTML-codes is also available. iPhone OS 3.0 has an updated function of PUSH-notification, that is used now not only for e-mails but for any other important information. At the same time new version of the platform was deprived of detached processes (Apple developers suppose that cell phones don't need them: it's just excessive energy demands and memory usage). Also the new version of iPhone OS has VPN support, call records and many others. According to Apple new version of OS has got 100 new functions. Now only a free trial version of iPhone OS 3.0 is available. The complete version is expected to be released in summer.
iPhone 3G users will be able to download it for free, and iPod touch users will have to pay for it.

Not so long ago a new application — Kindle for iPhone was released. This a new software for reading e-books. This platform was developed by and it allows users to read books via iPhone or iPod Touch.
This new application offers the following options:
—ability to sort books by the title, author, genre
—ability to delete books and to add new ones
—ability to bookmark pages
—ability to change the font and the font size

So, iOS is a great platform for iPhone application development.

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